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Mint your own GitHub repositories as DEV-NFT's, and support the projects you truly believe in !

About Us

We are a bunch of 6 people who met on the internet a few days back and became part of a community. We all are passionate about opensource. Thus, created DevNFT to incentivize the opensource.

Frequently asked questions

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What are NFTs?
NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are blockchain-based records that uniquely represent pieces of digital media (say, a digital art piece, a tweet, or a repository 👀). In more practical terms, an NFT can be seen as a digital autograph created by the author of the piece of media the NFT represents. By signing it, the author is guaranteeing its authenticity.
What's DevNFT?
The DevNFT app enable users to create NFTs of a repository via GitHub OAuth and cryptographically sign the repos with their MetaMask wallet. Then, the app creates ("mints") an NFT representation of their Repo on the Polygon/Matic blockchain.⛓️
Why would I want to buy a DevNFT?
Who knows a project becomes next linux kernel or CURL and you like to be a part of it, Owning a DevNFT you can. And by buying a DevNFT you can support the project in which you truly believe in.✅️
How to buy a DevNFT?
Connect your wallet, Sign in with your GitHub account then Select the Repository chose a price & Mint on Polygon. See super easy!😍️
If I buy DevNFT, will I become the owner of Repo?
DevNFT is a type of autograph by the developer or repo owner which is sold to make you feel possession or part of the project. Generally, this does not transfer ownership. But, If a developer wants, they can sell their work through the DevNFT. 🎨️
What if a person forks a repo and creates an NFT?
Malpractices of copying the others work is years old, but with DevNFT you get all repo information. A person can always visit the repo and verify


Create and sell your GitHub Repos as NFTs

Browse through your repositories and mint them as NFT's to sell them to the people who believe in your project! Make your repository a piece of art that will be passed on from one person to another for generations to come!

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